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Contribute to our library describing the Swedish mindset and culture. If you have a story about an experience, an insight on a phenomenon or a new angle on a subject already on the site please feel free to submit it and help us show what is Swedish from yet another point of view. Yours!

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To submit, fill in the form with the text and/or media you would like contributed and add what editorial notes you want in the textbox below. Our staff will view your material as soon as possible and notify you by e-mail when your post has been added. Thank you for sharing!

You can also share your story to us via Instagram! Upload the media and text you want to share with us and tag @ohsoswedish and write publish, @ohsoswedish publish, and we will have the possibility to repost your contribution on the Oh So Swedish website.


Please select your image to upload. File format: jpg, png, gif

By uploading content and images you indicate you agree that we adapt and publish the content on our website. Please make sure you have the rights for all content before you upload it, don’t upload content of third parties. We prefer that you use your own material when you share your own story. We also do not have the responsibility for the material that is uploaded on this website.

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