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Lagom is a word that Swedes really like.  Lagom is “Just enough”, “Not too much or too little,” it is a word that is “Just right”. There is no direct translation of the word, but if you try to translate the word Lagom, ‘just enough’ and ‘appropriate’ shows up. Lagom works in a lot of different […]

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Food in tubes


Okay, food in tubes is a typically Swedish way to package food. Some of you may think this is bit weird if you’re not considering tooth paste as food. But in Sweden this is actually quite common.

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Fika is something that is very popular in Sweden and most of the swedes love it, you can say that it is a social tradition here. Fika means that you taking a break to drink good coffee or other drinks with friends, family or acquaintances at a cafe, in school, at the workplace or at […]

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lussebulle (1)

Many people feel a lot of love for Lussekatter (which is Saffron bun in Swedish) during Christmas. You can find them already December 1st (if not earlier) in the store. Then you eat Lussekatter until Christmas is over. There is something special about Lussekatter. During Christmas time almost everyone´s Fika contains at least one saffron […]

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